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Petition Maas de wet

I want to stand up for my right to flow cleanly and freely. That is why I want the Maas to be protected by law.
Are you with me?

Have your neighbours ever thrown their rubbish on your balcony? Or in your garden? Well, my neighbours do. Every day. And I’m a bit fed up with it.

Nobody feels responsible for the rubbish thrown in my backyard, and I want to change that by enshrining my rights in law. Will you join me? Sign my petition.

Thank you very much,

Moeder Maas

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Moeder Maas wants:

  • The right to flow

  • To be free of pollution

  • Her ecosystem in balance

  • Her water management in order

  • Vibrant indigenous biodiversity

  • Capacity for self-restoration

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Petition to protect the Maas under law

At present, nobody feels responsible for the waste in our river. We want to change that, by enshrining the rights of the river Maas under law. We want the Maas to be given the status of legal personhood, just as people, companies and municipalities have. This way, representatives of the Maas can stand up for her and guarantee her inherent rights, such as the right to flow free of waste. The representatives act not only in the interests of the Maas, but also in her name.

Worldwide, more and more countries recognise the rights of nature. Now it is up to the Netherlands. It is high time to use our laws and regulations to protect and preserve the health of our rivers and their catchment areas, starting with our Maas.


That the Maas should possess at least the following fundamental rights:

1. The right to flow
2. The right to perform the essential ecological functions in its ecosystem, including providing a healthy home for fish, amphibians, aquatic plants and other river life
3. The right to be free from pollution
4. The right to nourish and be nourished by a healthy underground aquifer
5. The right to indigenous biodiversity
6. The right to recovery

We request

The Tweede Kamer to put the Maas on the political agenda and to investigate whether and how our river can be granted rights in the form of a legal personhood, so that her rights are better safeguarded.

What happens to your signature?

Maas CleanUp is collecting as many signatures as possible on behalf of the Maas in order to hand them over to the Tweede Kamer. With this petition, we ask the Tweede Kamer to put the Maas on the political agenda and to investigate how we can use our current laws and regulations to establish her fundamental rights.

"The level of pollution we see today violates the river's right to flow freely and be free of pollution. The law must change so that the Maas can be the first river in the Netherlands and Europe to be treated as a legal entity."
Jessica den Outer, UN Expert on Nature's Rights

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